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SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center – 6 Solar Tree® Arrays featuring EnvisionTrak™ & SunCharge™ Column-Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

This first major utility-owned Solar Tree® array deployment represents an innovative clean-technology partnership. The 6 Solar Tree® arrays feature EnvisionTrak™ & SunCharge™ Column Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. The installation also has a state-of-the-art battery storage system as well as a rapid-charge DC-to-DC EV charging station. Taking on a “Landmark-Visibility” presentation, the Solar Tree® arrays are showcased in the street-front parking lot of the Energy Innovation Center which is open to the public.

General Motor’s Warren, MI facility – Solar Tree® structure featuring EnvisionTrak™ & SunCharge™ Column-Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Envision Solar International President & CEO Desmond Wheatley participated in the ribbon cutting for a new Solar Tree® structure installation at General Motor’s Warren, Michigan facility. This Solar Tree® array features Envision Solar’s signature SunCharge™, “column-integrated” electric vehicle charging station which will shade and charge six electric vehicles while providing renewable, solar electric energy to GM’s facility. The GM Solar Tree® array also incorporates Envision’s innovative EnvisionTrak™ multi-axis solar tracking technology which should increase the efficiency of the installation by as much as 25%.

Axion Power International

Envision Solar deployed two Solar Tree® structures with SunCharge™ Column Integrated electric-vehicle (EV) charging systems at Axion Power International’s facility in Western Pennsylvania. One of the Solar Trees® features Envision’s patented and unique integrated EnvisionTrak™ dual synchronous sun tracking system which enables the Solar Tree® to track the sun without swinging into the drive aisles. Axion takes advantage of the Solar Tree® arrays to charge Electric Vehicles during the day, with any excess generated electricity being fed into their patented Power Cube™ storage system which can be used for peak shaving or powering the facility’s EV chargers and street and parking lights at night. This project represents a comprehensive demonstration of the hyper-convergence of efficient clean energy generation, local energy storage, smart-grid & building infrastructure, and plug-in hybrid & electric vehicle charging.

Kyocera Solar Grove®

Leading San Diego into the solar age, the system’s 25 Solar Tree® arrays form a 235-kilowatt carport in an employee parking lot, utilizing a total of 1,400 Kyocera KC-187G solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and 200 custom-manufactured, light-filtering PV modules. The Solar Grove®, located at Kyocera’s North American headquarters at 8611 Balboa Avenue in San Diego, is the largest privately owned solar generating system in San Diego County.

Click here for more information about the Kyocera Solar Grove®.

NREL Solar Tree®

The Solar Tree® at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado, is the prototype of the future. Covering just two parking spaces, it is a pilot project that includes two integrated AC outlets for charging hybrid electric vehicles that NREL has converted into plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). NREL researchers can use the array to charge their vehicles using the power of the sun, demonstrating how we can begin to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign fuel sources in an environmentally friendly way using existing technology.

Click here for more information about the NREL Solar Tree®.

Centocor Headquarters Solar Grove®

The Solar Grove® at Centocor Headquarters in Horsham, PA (a Johnson & Johnson company) employes eight Solar Trees® capable of producing 140,179 kWh of clean solar power per year. Centocor commissioned Conergy for the project. Conergy chose Envision Solar to design the Solar Grove® based on its superior design and impressive portfolio of completed parking lot solar array projects. The Solar Trees® provide shade to approximately 62 employee parking spaces. The Centocor Solar Grove® is another example of Johnson & Johnson’s worldwide commitment to sustainability.

Dell Headquarters Solar Grove®

The Solar Grove® at Dell Headquarters in Round Rock, TX was specifically designed to prominently display the photovoltaic parking lot arrays to be visible to drivers on the nearby highway. The Solar Grove® is a part of Dell’s long-standing commitment to sustainability, and includes two Envision Solar CleanCharge™ solar-to-electric vehicle charging stations. The 110.62 kW system of 11 Solar Trees® produces approximately 131,000 kilowatt hours annually, utilizes 516 BP Solar photovoltaic modules, and provides shade for 56 parking spaces.

UCSD Hopkins

Hopkins Parking Structure, a recent addition to the UC San Diego campus, was specifically designed and engineered with the vision of photovoltaic parking lot arrays on the top floor. The Solar Grove®, accordingly, were designed to complement the unique architecture of the top deck of the parking garage. After the completion of the project, Hopkins Parking Structure will become a part of UC San Diego’s Sustainability Walk, a partnership between its Environment & Sustainability Initiative, the Rady School of Management, the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies and the campus operations staff.

Click here for more information about the Solar Grove® at the Hopkins Parking Structure.

UCSD Gilman

The Solar Trees® at UC San Diego’s Gilman Parking Structure, located at the edge of one of the busiest entrances to the campus, are an extremely visible demonstration of the campus’ commitment to sustainability. Deploying Solar Grove® atop parking structures was useful for the planning division of UC San Diego, as it allowed them to use existing space in productive and aesthetic manner. The solar arrays are a part of the university’s larger Environment & Sustainability Initiative, for which it was recently recognized by the Climate Action Registry as a “Climate Action Leader” for successfully measuring, certifying and reporting its greenhouse gas emissions to the Registry and the public.

Click here for more information about the Solar Grove® at the Gilman Parking Structure.

Solar Grove® at Quick Serve Restaurant in Pacific Beach, CA

The Solar Grove® in Pacific Beach, CA at a Quick Service Restaurant highlights sustainability in a heavy traffic area, and includes one of Envision Solar’s CleanCharge™ solar-to electric vehicle charging stations. Envision Solar created custom Solar Tree® arrays to integrate seamlessly into a high density built environment.