Envision Solar Founder Robert Noble to Present ‘Green Vision’ to Mexican Government Leaders

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Envision Solar Founder Robert Noble to Present ‘Green Vision’ to Mexican Government Leaders
Noble to give overview of Envision Solar’s U.S. and international projects

SAN DIEGO (March 15, 2011) – Envision Solar International, Inc., (www.envisionsolar.com) (OTC BB:EVSI), a leading sustainable infrastructure designer and developer, announces CEO and Founder Robert Noble has been invited to give a visionary keynote speech at a conference titled, “International Forum for the Integration of Municipal Agendas: Vision for the Future for the State of Mexico.”

The conference, organized by the Institute of the Americas and the Institute and the Ministry of the Environment of the State of Mexico (EDOMEX), is being held on March 16, 2011 in the Mexico City suburb of Tlalnepantla. The conference will feature political and government leaders, municipal and state officials and experts from all over the world and is intended to advance sustainable infrastructure in Mexico. Other speakers include Gustavo Cardenas, Mexico’s Minister of Environment, and Enrique Peña Nieto, Governor of the State of Mexico.

Noble will speak on the “Creation and financing municipal solar projects” and will focus on how public-private partnerships can advance green infrastructure projects in Mexico. In addition, Noble will give an overview of Envision Solar’s solar master plans and outline specific U.S. and international projects. Subjects to be discussed include environmentally sustainable buildings incorporating LEED principles and sustainable energy installations, recycling of waste as a generator of employment and investment, and low-carbon transportation systems.

Institute Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow stated, “The program will gather a significant number of municipal and state leaders to hear and interact with international speakers who combine vision, a track record of implementation, and a strong capacity to motivate and inspire. We have a program of international speakers on thematic areas including environmentally sustainable buildings incorporating LEED principles and sustainable energy installations, recycling of waste as a generator of employment and investment, and low-carbon transportation systems. It is being designed to discuss the specific elements that lead to economically and environmentally ‘best practice’ models in progressive cities; analyze what aspects of a Green Agenda will work in the unique context of the municipalities of EDOMEX, and offer an opportunity to set an inspirational vision for what you believe is possible and desirable.”

“Because of his civic and business leadership, Bob Noble is the closest we have to an environmental mayor here in San Diego,” said Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow, president of the Institute of the Americas, a research center on Latin America on the campus of the University of California, San Diego. “He is a great ambassador for public-private development and U.S.-international cooperation in sustainable energy.”

Noble was asked to address the short- and long-term outlook for advancing sustainable infrastructure planning and implementation, and to draw on his own and Envision Solar’s endeavors. Noble was selected as a result of his industry leadership and as the inventor of the Solar Tree® and Solar Grove® technologies. Noble will include in his presentation the future for integrated advanced solar and other environmental technologies and approaches.

In addition, Noble will discuss Envision Solar’s solar-powered electric vehicle charging projects with General Motors, review Sustainable Infrastructure and solar projects for Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, evaluate global strategies with GAIA Global SA, and present designs for a major distributed generation, “Solar Forest”™ project in Gandhinagar, India.

“We are proud to have been invited by the Institute of the Americas and the State of Mexico to address these leaders. This extraordinary conference will advance the discussion of sustainable infrastructure in Mexico,” said Robert Noble, CEO and founder of Envision Solar International, Inc. “A successful future can only result from a healthy, mission-driven collaboration between government, industry, finance, NGOs, utilities and the local community. We must assure that new infrastructure is aesthetically superior to old-model systems, be extraordinarily beautiful, and well integrated into our urban and rural building architectural landscape. I am proud that Envision Solar may help in advancing this new sustainable future.”

For more information about Envision Solar or any of its Solar Tree designs and structures, visit www.envisionsolar.com or call 1-866-746-0514.


About Envision Solar International, Inc.
Envision Solar, www.envisionsolar.com, is a leading sustainable infrastructure planner and architect designing and deploying clean energy systems globally. The solar master planning firm provides strategic long-term solutions including comprehensive sustainability planning and optimizing designs for solar array structures. Founded by leading sustainable design architect Robert Noble, the company is a leader in the invention and construction of solar structures that address unused millions of acres of parking spaces. Its innovative systems include products for commercial, residential, and institutional projects, such as EnvisionTrak™, CleanCharge™, Solar Tree®, Solar Grove®, Solar Row™, LifePort®, LifePod™, LifeVillage™ solar systems and others. Envision Solar is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol [OTCBB: EVSI]. For more information on the company, contact 1-866-746-0514.

About the Institute of the Americas
For 28 years, the Institute of the Americas www.iamericas.org has been at the forefront of U.S.-Canada-Latin America cooperation, working with the public and private sectors to encourage investment and information-sharing in energy, environmental and clean technology development. Led by Jeffrey Davidow, a former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico and Venezuela, the Institute brings together industry leaders, policy makers and academics for frank and open discussions about common problems in the Western Hemisphere. As an impartial and independent non-profit organization, the Institute hosts roundtables and professional workshops from its sweeping complex on the campus of the University of California, San Diego, and in cities throughout Latin America. For more information, contact S. Lynne Walker, vice president, at (858) 453-5560 x128.

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