High-Quality, High-Value Solar Powered Products


Company Overview

Envision Solar International, Inc. is a San Diego based sustainable technology innovation company. Envision distinguishes itself with unique and advanced renewably energized electric vehicle (EV) charging, media and branding and energy security systems. Our highly valuable and diverse product portfolio is based upon our patented EV ARC™ and Solar Tree® product lines. All of our products can be enhanced with EnvisionTrak™ patented solar tracking, ARC Technology™ energy storage, SunCharge™ Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and digital advertising packages.

At Envision Solar, we create unique products that bring value to three specific verticals, electric vehicle (EV) charging, media and branding systems and energy security. We chose these verticals because they are each experiencing rapid growth, have massive opportunities for scale and can benefit significantly from the introduction of intelligently engineered solar powered products. We’ve ensured that our products can simultaneously be rapidly deployed, offer meaningful financial returns and improve the environment. The growth rates in the EV charging infrastructure, outdoor media platforms and solar energy production are staggering. The amounts spent over the next few years will be in the multiples of billions and we believe that we have the most elegant and robust products in the industry to serve this growth.

We invent, engineer and manufacture products in our San Diego facility where our team of combat veterans, disabled workers and other valuable team members proudly integrate the highest quality components into our Made in America products. Our vision, experience and commitment to the environment and design has made us the market leader.

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Leadership Team

Desmond Wheatley, President and CEO

Wheatley has two decades of senior international management experience in technology systems integration, energy management, communications and renewable energy. He was a founding partner in the international consulting practice Crichton Hill LLC. Prior to Crichton Hill, Wheatley was CEO of iAxis FZ LLC, a Dubai based alternative energy and technology systems integration company. From 2000 to 2007, he held a variety of senior management positions at San Diego based Kratos Defense and Security Solutions, fka Wireless Facilities with the last five years as President of ENS, the largest independent security and energy management systems integrator in the USA. Prior to ENS in 2002, Wheatley held senior management positions in the cellular and broadband wireless industries, deploying infrastructure and lobbying in Washington DC on behalf of major wireless service providers. Wheatley has founded, funded and operated four profitable start-up companies and was previously engaged in M&A activities. Wheatley evaluated acquisition opportunities, conducted due diligence and raised commitments of $500M in debt and equity. Wheatley sits on the boards of Admonsters, San Francisco CA and the Human Capital Group, Los Angeles, CA and was formerly a board member at DNI in Dallas, Texas.


Chris Caulson, Chief Financial Officer

Caulson brings close to 25 years of financial management experience, including security infrastructure and technology integration, wireless communications and telecommunications industries. From 2004 through 2009, he held various positions including Vice President of Operations and Finance of ENS, the largest independent Technology Systems Integrator in the United States and a wholly-owned division of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. In this role, Caulson was responsible for the operational and financial execution of multiple subsidiaries and well over $100 million of integration projects including networks for security, voice and data, video, life safety and other integrated applications. Prior to 2004, he was CFO of Titan Wireless, Inc., a $200 million international telecommunications division of the Titan Corp. (subsequently purchased by L-3.). Caulson, who has a BAcc from the University of San Diego, began his career with the public accounting firm Arthur Andersen.


Rick Cunningham, Operations and Production Manager

Cunningham served close to 30 years in the United States Marine Corps, before retiring as a Sergeant Major in July 2012. From August 2012 to February 2015, he held positions as Director of Public Relations and Associate Director of The Angel’s Depot, a San Diego North County non-profit and Operations Manager for the Precision Repair Network in San Diego, California. Cunningham was Envision Solar’s Operations Coordinator and Procurement Manager, before assuming his current role as Operations and Production Manager in July 2015. Cunningham brings a wide variety of operational, procurement and administrative management experience to the Envision Solar team.


Pat Senatore, Lead Systems Engineer

Pat Senatore is the Lead Systems Engineer at Envision Solar overseeing the systems and electrical design, integration, production, testing, performance analysis and future product development. Senatore brings a wide range of experience from the aerospace industry, having previous lead in the development, fabrication, production and qualification of complex unmanned aerial systems. He previously worked as a Test and Evaluation Engineer at large industry leaders like Boeing and as the Engineering Programs Director at SkySpecs, a small start-up that designs and builds industrial drone applications for infrastructure inspection. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering and a Master’s in Space Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan, his multidisciplinary education and diverse industry experience provides a unique and valuable perspective in the understanding and growth of Envision Solar’s products.


Erick Castro, Fabrication Manager

Erick Castro is the Fabrication Manger at Envision Solar with close to 11 years of experience in welding and fabrication. Castro obtained his welding certification and finished his three-month program in only five short weeks. Soon after receiving his certification, he quickly moved up as a naval ship builder at General Dynamics. After his position at General Dynamics, Castro was the welding lead at Fabrication Technologies, Inc. Castro has a proven track record of reducing costs, while ensuring Envision Solar produces the highest quality products. Castro is responsible for training and managing all welders and overseeing proper fabrication procedures and techniques.


Arthur Baca, Electromechanical Team Lead

Arthur D. Baca II retired from the Marine Corps as a Staff Sergeant after 17 years of service. While in the Marine Corps, he served four tours in Iraq and four tours in Afghanistan as an Aerial Gunner accumulating several awards and commendations. Shortly after his retirement, he joined the Envision Solar team as the Electromechanical Team Lead, responsible for ensuring the quality of the electrical systems being built in the facility. Baca leads his team with the wiring, assembly and programming of the EV ARC™, while working with the Systems Engineer to further streamline and improve our products.


Board of Directors

John Evey, Chairman

Since 2012, John Evey has provided independent strategic assistance to corporations with a special focus on companies in the life science and clean technology sectors that can do well financially, while also producing substantial social benefit. That activity followed a 36 year career in the charitable and educational sector, primarily leading development programs for major nonprofit organizations and three universities. His most recent positions were as Executive Vice President of Nature and Culture International, an organization that has directly catalyzed the protection of more than ten million acres of large tropical forest ecosystems, and as Vice President for Development with the J. Craig Venter Institute (“JCVI”), for which his responsibility was generating collaborative private partnerships and financial resources for this major institute that is advancing genomic research to benefit human health and the environment. As an officer of the Travel Industry Council of Oregon, Evey and two colleagues successfully advocated the creation and funding of a Tourism Division in the Oregon Department of Economic Development.] Evey is a member of the Host Committee for the Kyoto Prize Symposium in San Diego, which highlights the Kyoto Prize laureates each spring.


Jay Potter, Director

Potter has been a director and consultant of Envision Solar International, Inc. since 2011 and of International Woodfuels, LLC since 2010. He was the founder, president and chairman of Greencore Capital Corporation, an environmental and finance consulting firm. He was the founder, chairman and CEO of Nexcore Capital Corporation, a FINRA registered broker dealer firm, from 1995 to 2009. Potter has been active in the financial and energy industries for over 20 years and has successfully participated, directed or placed over two hundred million dollars of capital for start-up and early stage companies. Potter is a seasoned entrepreneur who understands the many varying needs of early stage and start-up companies. He takes an active role in the development of the funded companies and to that end has participated as advisor, director and officer to defend and enhance shareholder positions.


Don Moody, Director

Moody is a widely recognized leader in steel production and manufacturing industry. He recently retired from Nucor Corporation – the largest recycler in North America – after serving for more than 12 years as the President and General Manager of NUCONSTEEL’S, a fully integrated designer and manufacturer of light-gauge steel framing solutions. During his career, Moody has had full P&L responsibility for both public and privately held companies and has extensive hands-on domestic and international experience. He previously held a number of leadership positions in the steel industry, including serving as President of the Steel Framing Alliance in Washington, D.C., and was President and CEO of Western Metal Lath in Riverside, California.


Robert Noble, Director

Noble founded Envision Solar International in 2006, served as CEO from 2006 to 2012, and served as Chairman of the Board from 2006 to 2015. He is an architect, environmental designer, industrial designer, and environmental technology entrepreneur. Over his 35-year career building sustainability-driven enterprises, he has been awarded Entrepreneur Magazine’s Environmental Innovator of the Year, the American Lung Association of California Clean Air Award, the Edison Award for Environmental Achievement, “Best of What’s New” – Popular Science “100 Best of What’s New”, Popular Mechanics’ “Top Ten for Driving Green”, InterPV Magazine’s Top 10 PV Picks, and awards from the American Institute of Architects, the Urban Land Institute, the US Green Building Council and many others. Noble attended UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Harvard Business School and Cambridge University.


Desmond Wheatley, Director

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